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Lost Your Job Due to Covid-19? Try These Options To Generate an Income

Corona virus has reached every part of the globe and a lot of countries are lockdown with no economic activities. Since almost all manufacturing, distributing, selling, service-providing businesses are shut down, and in order to minimize their operational costs, these businesses are laying off their staff. Therefore, it is very likely that you might have also lost your job. If you are one of those who have lost the job due to Covid-19, we are giving you some interesting and useful ideas on how to work from home during this lockdown and continue to generate income.

5 Work From Businesses You Can Start In 2020

The Internet has equipped us with the strength that can do a lot of things, for example, we can continue to communicate, learn, and also earn money during this lockdown.

Since we mentioned “5 Work From Home Businesses,” you might be taking this term in a literal sense. Business is something that lets you earn money from your investment. Investment does not mean only money, your “business” idea itself can be an investment and you can put your idea to work and make money. There are plenty of ideas out there, but which one will work best for you? Here are 5 Online Business Ideas to jump start your online career and make money from the comfort of your home.


Blogging is one of the best and easiest ways to make money from the internet. These days almost all companies have an online presence and they promote their products and services through blogs and other promotional materials like infographics or copies. You can offer blogging services to various brands and businesses and earn money by writing blog posts and promotional materials. Blogging is not only useful in promoting a business, product, or service but also a good way to generate income as you can start your own blogging website. When people start visiting your blogs, like and share your posts, businesses will start promoting their products and services on your blog and you will begin to make money.

Accounting Services

If you had been working as an accountant and had been laid off due to coronavirus, you don’t have to worry as you can also find accounting and bookkeeping works online. You don’t need any professional degree or certificate to start working as an accountant online. All you is need basic accounting knowledge and be familiar with various accounting software and programs. These days, a lot of businesses and companies outsource their bookkeeping projects to freelancers and accounting service providers. You can market your services through online platforms and offer your services to various businesses while staying at home.

Virtual Assistant Services

When it comes to working online and making money from home, a virtual assistant is one of the best options. It is best because you don’t need a lot of skills and you can easily find the virtual assistant jobs on freelancing platforms. A lot of all businesses need help with administrative work like data entry, sending emails, making calls, sending newsletters, scheduling appointments, etc. Instead of hiring full-time staff, many businesses prefer hiring part-time workers, and they do this online. This lets them save money on full-time staff while letting people like you work from the comfort of your home. You can join freelancing platforms, check job sites, or even approach business to see if they are hiring virtual assistants. However, the actual effort lies in marketing and how you convince them to hire you. Virtual assistance service will always remain in demand and maybe this is why the pay scale always remains high.

Content Writing/ Copy Writing

With the evolution of cheaper smartphones and low tariff internet, the number of internet users hs grown tremendously in the last couple of years. This has created a need for the businesses to market and promote on the digital platforms. That’s the reason why almost every business needs a content writer to write blogs, articles, press releases, etc. Therefore, there is a lot of scope in content writing and copywriting services. You can work from home as a freelance writer and pitch the clients with the best content ideas.

Vlogging/ Starting a YouTube Channel

Vlogging means making video blogs. Youtube is the best platform for video blogging. You don’t need high-end equipment, just your ordinary smartphone can let you create videos and then share on youtube and start making money. Youtuber, as it is called these days, earn a lot of money. You can try this while staying at home.


So, are you ready to start your own online business? Great! Do you realize what it takes to start a business? Capital! That’s right! However, not all business requires capital. You can just simply use your idea to make money. And generating ideas does not require money. Based on your skills and interest, you can use one of the aforementioned ideas to generate income during this economic crisis.

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  1. Mary Jane says:

    I lost my job and now I am looking for a job. However, none of the options mentioned above will work for me. I have checked some online job marketplaces and I am yet to be hired.

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