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How Companies and Businesses Build Brand: How a Brand is Created

According to the Nielson Consumer Survey, just about 59 percent of the consumers prefer to buy new products only from the brand they have bought earlier or are familiar to them. In other research on consumer behavior, people buy from a certain brand because they are trying to identify themselves with the lifestyle the brand is trying to portray.

If you are a small entrepreneur, it might be very difficult to expand your business because you are facing tough competition from big brands. The big brands have devoted customers, who are even doing free marketing through word of mouth. Without building your own brand, it is hard to find a foothold in the market. If you want to survive, you have to differentiate yourself from other brands and build solid branding.

If building a brand is the only way to do business, how do you build a brand as a small business?

Here are a couple of things that you need to understand about branding.

Branding is not just about creating a cool logo or slogan. Branding is not just about doing aggressive promotion, or some celebrity endorsing your product.

In order to build a brand, you need to promote an idea. For instance, you are not just selling a bathing soap, you are actually selling “beauty.” You are not just selling male deodorant, you are selling a lifestyle where young girls are attracted to the man using your deodorant. Therefore, branding is about finding your target audience, reaching your target market segment, doing research on your competitors and much more.

Simply put, your brand is your consumers’ perception of your company, business, or products. Branding is a way to create a perception surrounding your company, business or products. The brand communicates with the consumers by portraying a lifestyle they are trying to incorporate.

Now, that you know what a brand is and what brand building implies, do you think you can now build your brand. Well, to be precise, branding does not happen overnight or even months. Building a brand is a long, continuous process. Building the brand means developing a long term relationship with your customers.

The first step of building a brand is finding your target audience. You need to find people who can identify with the idea you are trying to sell through your product. You need to learn the lifestyle and behavior of your target consumers. Once you know your consumers, you will have to find marketing methods that connects with your consumers. You will have to develop a brand identity that your consumers can relate. You do this by creating a brand mission statement. Your brand statement is the ultimate reason why consumers should buy your products.

In order to build a brand, you will have to research on the brands on your niche. However, you should never imitate other brands even if you are trying to sell similar products or idea. The main idea to research your competitors is to find things that can make your brand unique and give consumers the reason to choose your brand over the other.

The second step of branding is to create a brand logo and tagline and help your target consumers connect with your brand visually. Since the logo and tagline will appear on everything from the product package to the promotional materials, you need to be very careful about the logo design and slogan. You are infact packaging your entire idea on the logo and slogan.

Now comes the methods to promote your brand and products to reach your target audience. You will have to find a medium that reaches your consumer base.

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  1. Soufiane Tozy says:

    merci cet article avait expliqué tout de l’entreprise, l’image de marque est absolument essentielle bonne continuation construire la marque et un bon travail.

  2. Kenneth Adoc says:

    This article is very helpful in creating and build a business brand. A brand is defined by our customer’s overall perception of our business. So it is very important that our brand is unique and patented so that by the time that there is a chance our business booms, earns profit and well known, replication is prohibited.

  3. PALAS DAS says:

    This post described each and every possible good points about how to build a business as well as Brand. It is a very informative and useful for new aspirants. Thanks for sharing this valuable article.

  4. jose luis mata says:

    The truth seems very interesting to me, besides, that you find blog that they speak on the entrepreneurship and so important subject as it is the creation of your own brand, follow so many people including me, it is thanked them.

  5. tungamirai mapindu says:

    This not only motivationa – it has moved me to establish my own brand, but also educational. Speaking for myself a a young and new graphics designer, I have also learnt a lot that will help me designer my clients’ logos even if they don’t give me enough information, i will always refer to this post to shape my design. Thank you so,so, so much!

  6. sweijana says:

    Very Informative Article. This article really helps me to get knowledge about how Company and brand are created. very impressive with this news article This site is more important for the people who want to do small business and it gives well knowledge information about business. thank you for making these sites .

  7. luis figuera says:

    very good post, and if I am a believer that the logo can reach a grammar goal to a company when it comes to expanding and achieving more consumers, today many subliminal images are used, a simple image that catches your attention to consumers and in some ways and very little credible causes customers to end up buying their products

  8. saru says:

    Absouletly true.Its all about the value of the product.When a customer purchase a product, he/she wants the value of money spent.They think about the product, does it worth to spent on or not?If they are satisfied then they will again choose same brand.

  9. Noman Mahmud says:

    Business Is All About Promoting And Promoting With Good Productivity… Have A look in China Market They Have 100 and more than smartphone brand but How Many brands are known to us? Those brands who promotes in many tv channel and social media like oppo,vivo,xiaomi is popularly known to us because of good product with promotion so it can be a good point of business

  10. Uma S Panigrahi says:

    Brand building is a difficult process and to maintaining the life cycle is toughest. The theme which connects with customer are more easy to remember and makes a brand building easier.

  11. Radha Krishna says:

    Very helpful article, creating build a business brand. A brand for overall perception of customers in our business. This brand is unique, patented so by that there is a chance of booming business.

  12. MUKUYE JULIUS says:

    Truth seems very interesting to me, besides, that you find blog that they speak on the entrepreneurship and so important subject as it is the creation of your own brand, follow so many people including me.

  13. Jim Joe says:

    Business is a very complex thing in the modern age. It’s not about only quality, capital, location, and cheap price. Nowadays is all about creating a brand , a brand value. It’s not an easy task. This article is very informative to create a good valued brand for business which is most essential to run and make a profitable and successful business entity.

  14. Benja Min says:

    Totally agreed… Brand building is a long term process… to reach out to customers and communicate regularly with them..

  15. Narad Kl says:

    Thanks for such a comprehensive guide. I had known by myself, all the factors to be considered. BUT, i had been wondering how to get my dream of developing my own brand fulfilled. This guide turned out to be very very fruitful for me. Thanks a TON!!!

  16. karthik karuturi says:

    Extremely well-explained article. very much informative and knowledge sharing. I have learnt many new things to set up and promote my new business. Thank you very much. I would like to read such articles which actually brainstorm and give an insight for starters like me.

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