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How to Build PBN to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

One of the easiest ways to improve your search engine ranking is by building backlinks through PBN. You can create a network of a lot of sites and generate backlinks to your main site. Since the sites on PBN are built on the domains with high domain authority and domain with a lot of backlinks, PBN backlinks are considered quality backlinks. Moreover, the backlinks are also dofollow that pass link juice.

What exactly is PBN?

PBN or Private Blog Network is a web of numerous sites that link back to the main site. The backlinks created through the sites on PBN help the main site in terms of SEO. You have a site called ABC and you build numerous sites like m, n, o, p, q, r etc. You give backlinks to your main site ABC through your other sites m, b, o, p, q, r etc. When a lot of backlinks point towards ABC, ABC will have an advantage on search engine positioning. When the search engine rank improve, ABC will gain traffic and generate revenue through sales or advertising.

How PBN is built?

The sites on PBN are not built on ordinary domains. The sites are built on domains with high domain authority. The PBN site uses expired domains, especially those with high Domain Authority.

When you are acquiring expired or expiring domains for PBN make sure the domains are not blacklisted or were not used for illegal purpose. Check the domain metrics and check the Wayback Machine. You can use Ahrefs to check the domain metrics.

The first step of building PBN is to find expired or expiring domains with high Domain Authority. You can use, You can also use to find expired domains with great backlinks.

You can also acquire expired/expiring domains through a domain broker or auction sites. When you are buying domains for your PBN, try to buy from various registrars and vary the registration date. This is to make sure that you are not being penalized by Google for PBN backlinks.

When you host the sites on PBN with on the same server, the search engine might easily find out, therefore, try hosting the sites with different hosts.

Once you have domains and hosting accounts, it is time to build websites. Put original content and start giving backlinks to your main site, not just for the home page but also for internal pages.

Is PBN Black Hat SEO

Some people label PBN for generating backlinks as a Black Hat SEO because they say you are trying to influence search engine position by building fake backlinks. Search engines do not like the sites that get backlinks by paying for backlinks, building backlinks through bots, or building backlinks unnaturally.

Generally speaking, search engines easily discover PBN by analyzing the site activities. Since PBN are built for building backlinks, there are virtually no activities. If you do not want to be penalized, you should put new content frequently. You will have to develop your sites on PBN as independent sites with a lot of contents and regular activities.

Want to Build PBN for Backlinks? Read These Pros and Cons of Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of blogs on the same niche or different niche hosted on the same server and managed through the same cPanel or hosted on different servers and managed from different cPanel.  The blogs in Private Blog Network are owned by the same person or company. The primary purpose of creating a PBN is to generate backlinks to the main site for search engine ranking.

How PBN works for backlink?

You have a site abc dot com. The site is not ranking well as you do not have many quality backlinks. You create a handful of sites: site 1, site 2, site 3, site 4… and share the link to your main site on all of these sites. By doing this, the sites on the PBN point to the main site (abc dot com, for example), thus, helping the site gain do follow backlinks that increases the chances of improving search engine ranking.

PBN is considered one of the effective strategies to build backlinks. However, there are also webmasters who say PBN is a Black Hat SEO and you might be penalized by search engines if you are using PNB to build backlinks.

IS PBN really bad for SEO?

It is really difficult to answer this question. PBN cannot be explained in terms of black and white, it is complicated. In fact, how you are doing this determines whether it is good or bad.

PBN is considered a good SEO strategy as it generates backlinks to your main site. PBN is also considered a bad SEO practice because the links built are unnatural. PNB are labelled as link farms and search engines do not like link farms.

Does PBN Backlink actually work?

PBN is not built through any ordinary domains. You register domains abc, xyz, lmn etc, build the websites with content and link back to the main site. PBN is not as simple as that. When someone is building PBN, he will acquire expired domains with high domain authority and a lot of backlinks. Since the backlinks will be valuable only when they come from a site ranked higher than yours, webmasters take a lot of care in choosing domains for PBN. PBN works because the websites on PBN have high domain authority. Therefore you can easily rank your main website through PBN backlinks.

There is also another face of the coin. When it comes to backlinks, Google does not like unnatural link building. For instance, if Google finds a website sending a lot of do follow backlinks, Google will pull that site down. Building PBN backlinks, for Google, is an artificial way to influence ranking, therefore, you will be an easy target of Google if you use PBN.

How do Google and other search engines find out about PBN?

Generally speaking sites on PNB are created just for the sake of building links. Therefore, there are not many contents and activities, which makes it easier for search engines to discover the nature of the site.

How to benefit from PBN?

If you want to benefit from PBN backlinks, consider becoming active on your PBN sites by uploading fresh content regularly.

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