What to Consider When Writing a Photography Critique: Tips on Writing a Critique or Review

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you certainly share your works on photo sharing sites such as Flickr and deviantART, or photography websites. Purpose of sharing photographs is to market your work or get critiques. As a member of these sites, you would perhaps want to write a photography critique. Many people […]

An Introduction to Flash Fiction and Micro Fiction, With Examples

Literary works are placed in different categories according to their contents, forms, styles, and substances. There are different kinds of literary words, for instance, poetry, drama, essay, novel, short story, flash fiction, biography, memoir etc. Amongst these different genres, flash fiction and micro fiction are recent developments. Evolution and Development of Literary Genres Poetry: Poetry […]

How to Write in Third Person Omniscient Point of View

Point of View Point of View is a mental position from which things, persons, incidents etc. are viewed and observed. Point of View in Literature is the technique, which an author chooses, to present his/her story in prose or verse. How the characters, scenes, and situations appear on the screen is the Point of View […]

How to Write a Good Copy: Writing Tips for Copywriter

Productions and sales and consumptions are the conditions of human existence. Advertising is an integral part of selling. And to reach the target customers, manufacturers try to penetrate the market through different kinds of promotions such as text and pictures, and audio and video messages. Advertisers use three different medium to sell a product: print, […]