Short Story: The Buddha With a Gun

The moon glared at the reddened horizon and hid on the veil of fickle clouds, earth sheepishly gleamed. Birds sang, plants danced, stream, gulping and gurgling through the rocks, smiled. Palpitation of the grove rose high with the advent of a new day. Slowly, the sun began measuringthe sky,birds returned to their daily chores, stream […]

Short Story: Searching for Blouse of Affection

When Rajiv married, almost all friends in the troupe played a prank – Prajwol should fall for Rajiv’s sali. Prajwol, timid and reticent guy, blushed at his friends’ gimmickry that continued for few weeks, and eventually everyone forgot. Even Prajwol did not remember, once he was mocked about a girl, whose face though he had […]