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Business Ideas for 2021: Lifestyle Products You Can Sell in 2024 and Make Money

Whether you already have a regular job or a business, it is very likely that you are still looking for better opportunities to make money. That’s because a single income source is never enough. The necessity of a better life has created a compulsion for human beings to look for new possibilities. If you belong to this category and are looking for business ideas for 2020, you have come to the right place. In this short article, we present you with a comprehensive list of lifestyle products that you can sell in 2020 and start making money.

You can sell products online in different ways, for instance, you can sell via third-party websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. You can create your own online store and sell the products. You can even refer buyers to various marketplaces and make money by referring buyers. If you don’t want to sell via the third-party marketplace and do not have a lot of money to start your own store, you can try selling via dropshipping. Irrespective of selling methods, you can choose the following products to sell and make money in 2021.

The Best Products to Sell in 2021 to Make Money Online

If you want to do eCommerce and looking for ideas to make money in 2021, you can try selling these products.

Beauty Products

The global cosmetic market was 507.8 billion USD, in 2018. The projection for 2025 is about 758.4 billion USD. You can easily understand the demand for beauty products. If you want to make money by selling beauty products, you have to choose the right products. Some of the high-selling beauty products are blackhead removal tools and facial hair removal tools, grooming tools, etc. Since these products are used by men and women, they are timeless items to sell and make money. You can also try, hair growth oils, beard oils, etc. as the market for these items has a huge size.

Healthcare Products

According to Businesswire, Global Healthcare Industry in 2019 was 11.9 trillion USD. Imagine how much money is there to make by selling health care products. One of the high-selling health care products is posture corrector. Because of the nature of our work and the time we are spending on handheld devices, we are sitting in sedentary positions all day long. No wonder we experience neck pain, back pain, shoulder, hip all the time. Therefore, there is a lot of demand for body posture correctors. On Google, there are 246,000 monthly searches for “back pain.” You can tap the market by selling body support devices, massagers, etc. Another product that is in high demand is compression socks, which add pressure to the lower legs and reduce discomfort and swelling in the legs.

Reusable Bags/Eco-Friendly Items

In recent times, there is a growing concern to save the environment. People have understood the damages they have done to the earth. Therefore, a lot of people are using products that can be recycled or reused. You can tap this market by selling reusable bags. People are also interested in eco-friendly items and looking for ways to reduce plastic consumption. One of the eco-friendly items that are selling in the market like hot cake is the bamboo toothbrush.


The demands for streetwear, office wear, athletic wear, fashionable wear, innerwear, plus size clothing are always increasing. People always want to look nice, therefore, they spend a lot of money on clothing.

Accessories for Handheld Devices

The handheld device accessories industry is estimated to reach as much as 121.72 billion USD by 2025. Imagine how much money you can make by selling wireless earphones, phone cases, power banks, etc.

Smart Device

A lot of people are also buying smart devices like a smartwatch, fitness trackers, smartphones, tablets, light bulbs, etc. You can also try selling these smart devices.

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  1. Solomon Muchori says:

    you have given everything in details and you have included keywords for SEO purpose u can use ubersuggest free tool by Neil Patel to look some keywords and SEO but you have nailed it

  2. yothasa says:

    I have been very interested in starting a new business venture in order to earn more money and this article has given me very great ideas as to how i can go about starting my new venture with fresh ideas such as reusable bags and fake flowers which are essential when trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

  3. Hanna says:

    I’ve been trying to earn some money and I had no idea what to do! This article had so many different ideas, not just one, so I found a lot of inspiration. The ideas here are relevant like the reusable bags and bamboo toothbrush as many people are being aware of the environment. Thank you for this article, it was very helpful.

  4. Ijara Desmond says:

    You just added lots of ideas to my Online affiliate marketing ideas. Thank you so much for this article, I think I have to direct my co-marketers to come read from this informative article.

  5. Yoel Jimenez says:

    Travel bags could be a very interesting business since you enjoy negotiating.

  6. dhana lakshmi says:

    now a days earning money becomes so easy for house wifes by making beauty DIY creams ,youtube cookery shows and some vlogs…some websites help us how to earn money and how to make DIY creams etc etc by watching some websites we can easily earn money…

  7. Abdul Rehman says:

    Hi ,

    Great list you put together there.

    Your readers will have a lot to think about and that’s why I wanted to leave a comment. It’s always difficult starting out because you need a body of work or experience to do many things, but you mentioned taking surveys and in view these are the best staring points.

  8. Roshan singh says:

    This article had so many different ideas, not just one, so I found a lot of inspiration. The ideas here are relevant like the reusable bags and bamboo toothbrush as many people are being aware of the environment. Thank you for this article, it was very helpful.?

  9. Franko says:

    Great products, specially Home Security Systems. Thanks for sharing with us this infos.

  10. mahammad zubair says:

    this article many different. this idea i like people are being aware of the environment it was very helpful. travel related topics or if you’d prefer to go into the handbags space you could do keywords for that niche instead. You can focus on growing blog content around your focus to build an audience that you can sell your products to.

  11. Kumar N says:

    In 21st Century technology has given immense opportunity. one is like selling goods in Online. This blog tells good information and gives us new ideas how to sell online. Excellent when we use and implement this in our real life.

  12. Sayana says:

    You missed a couple of vital products: maska, sanitizer, thermal gun, and globes.

  13. shameer nani says:

    yes I am interested in working from home as well. I already work from home but would like to pick up a part time, very nice business information your website. Your information will benefit many people by reading this information, Excellent story and information. Thank you so much!

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