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Building Backlinks for a New Website: Things To Remember

If you have a website, the first think you need to consider is Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. You need SEO on your website for…

Search Engine Ranking

Generating traffic

Generating revenue

If you want to do SEO on your website, you can simply hire an SEO expert or learn SEO strategies. SEO involves a lot of techniques such as publishing original and quality contents, publishing keyword-optimized articles, good website design, backlinks, etc. In this article, we will focus on building backlinks on a new website.

Why building backlinks is important SEO strategy?

Search Engine Ranking

Search Engines use various metrics for website ranking and backlinks play a major role in search engine ranking. Building backlinks for your website means other websites are pointing towards your website. A lot of backlinks for your website means a lot of websites are recommending your websites. When a lot of websites signal towards your website, search engines understand your website as having some value, thus, ranks your website and web contents higher on Search Engine Result Page. Having a high rank means your website and web contents appear on the first 3 pages of Search Engine Result Page. A lot of web searchers do not look beyond the first few pages of search results. When your website and web contents appear on the first few pages on the search result page, you are likely to get more traffic and generate more revenue.

Backlinks also play a major role in Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Domain Authority and Page Authority are the SEO metrics developed by Moz, an SEO company. DA and PA are measured in a scale of 0-100, where a higher number indicates higher DA and PA. Generally speaking, search engines have their own ranking algorithm and DA and PA have nothing to do with search engine ranking; however, having a high DA and PA will establish your website as an authority site.

Generating traffic and revenue

Backlinks also help you generate traffic to your website. When you have a lot of backlinks for your website, the visitors on these website are likely to follow the link and visit your website, thus, increasing traffic and revenue.

Building Backlinks: The Black Hat SEO Tactics

The Black Hat SEO tactics are the SEO tactics that are frowned upon by search engines. The Black Hat tactics use unethical methods to manipulate Search Engine Ranking. Some of the common Black Hat SEO tactics are:

Building backlinks on Link Farms like link directory or article directory

Creating a Link Wheel or building Private Blog Networks to build backlinks. Link Wheel or Private Blog Networks are the site that are created just for the purpose of building backlinks.

Using bots or software to build backlinks automatically

Buying a lot of backlinks from backlink seller

Creating backlinks on unrelated sites, or low quality sites.

The Backlink Techniques You Should Avoid

Never build backlinks on link directories and article directories as these are considered link farms and Search Engines do not like backlinks coming from sites that are primarily established to give backlinks. Sites that give a lot of backlinks are ranked low on search engines, and when you get backlinks from the low ranked site, Search Engines do not take notice of such backlinks. Search engines even backlist the website that offers a lot of backlinks, and when you get backlinks from a blacklisted website, the backlink does not add value to your website.

Backlinks from unrelated sites are as bad as not having any backlinks. In other words, if you build backlink on a gaming website for your travel website, your backlink will not have any value.

Building Backlinks: The White Hat SEO Tactics

You need backlinks for your website, however, the backlinks can be beneficial only when you follow the White Hat methods or ethical SEO tactics. The organic backlink is the best backlink practice. Organic backlink means people are giving backlinks to your website voluntarily. This occurs only when people find your website useful and interesting. Generally speaking, you get organic backlinks when your site is an authority site. Authority site means your site has some value and offers “take away” for your users.

If you want to do the White Hat Backlink, here are some ideas:

Forums and discussion boards are good platforms to build backlinks. Since most of the forums/discussion boards allow you to share links on your profile page or signature, you can use this forum feature to build backlinks for your website. You can also share your links on forum posts or marketplace section of the forums. Remember, you should always use a forum that is related to your website niche.

Blogs and websites are also a good platform to build backlinks for your website. If you have publishing capabilities on these blogs and websites, you can publish contents and share your link. Even if you do not have publishing capabilities, you can leave comments on the articles and share your link. Alternatively, you can also contact the blog/website owner and ask to give backlink. This can be done by paying for backlinks, through link exchange or guest posting. However, make sure the blog/website is related to your niche and ranks higher on the search engines and has higher DA and PA.

Join user-generated content sites, publish articles and share your links through anchor text.

Building Backlinks: Checklist

While building backlinks, you should build backlinks for your home page as well as internal pages.

Also, become consistent while backlinking. Backlinks should be built consistently, do not build 100 backlinks today and no backlinks for 3 months. Search engines will be suspicious when your site starts generating a lot of backlinks in a short time

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