Is Social Networking Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health

If you have attended marketing class or management class, you have been often told that you should network with people as much as you can because you can increase your PR or Professional Relationship only through networking with people. With the advent of social media, networking has upgraded to a new level. Today, when we

What is Psychoanalysis? How Psychotherapy is Used to Treat Depression

Psychoanalysis is a method to treat mental disorders. In psychoanalysis, unconscious mind is unraveled thus making a person adaptive to his/her emotions and environment. Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) is the father Psychoanalysis. Oedipus complex is one of the notable theories of Sigmund Freud. Erik Erikson elaborated Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis and proposed psychosocial stage

Zen Buddhism: How to Implement Zen Buddhism Teacher Lessons in Life

What is Zen Buddhism? Zen is the Japanese word for Sanskrit dhyāna, which literally means meditation. Zen is called Chan in China, Son in Korea and Thien in Vietnam. Zen is a part of Mahayana School of Buddhism and the most important expansion in the East Asian Buddhist tradition. It is often identified with tea

Emotional Wellbeing for Kids: How to Channelize Your Kids Emotional Response

You are a parent, do you believe you have to solve all of your kids’ problem? Or, do you want to let your kid handle his or her own problem? Just like adults, the kids, no matter their age group, also face a lot of problems. When the kids encounter problems, they go through various

An Introduction to Flash Fiction and Micro Fiction, With Examples

Literary works are placed in different categories according to their contents, forms, styles, and substances. There are different kinds of literary words, for instance, poetry, drama, essay, novel, short story, flash fiction, biography, memoir etc. Amongst these different genres, flash fiction and micro fiction are recent developments. Evolution and Development of Literary Genres Poetry: Poetry