Micro Fictions: Time

Running out of time

I was enjoying the spring break mellowing out with Robert Langdon books and movies. A week later, on Friday, my friend called me. He proposed to go for a movie. I immediately agreed for I had no plans for the Friday revelries. “I’ll get the tickets, be at City Centre at six.”

After I hung up, I looked into my watch, it was already five.

I hurriedly wore my apparels, went to the garage, cranked the motorbike and was off to the cinema. At the signal, while jamming on the brakes, I hit the back light of a car. For that misdemeanor I received the ticket from the traffic police. I whizzed off, I was running out of time.

My friend was waiting for me at the threshold. In the dark theatre hall, we could not find our seats. I looked at my friend for a cue, but then he slipped on the stair and fell over a man. He asked for apology and strained me to our place. To our dismay, the seats were occupied. My friend told the man, it was our seats but he and the woman next to him did not move. My friend became furious, he began to quarrel with the man.

We had made a scene. The ticket collector came to our rescue. He looked into our tickets and ushered us to our place. My friend was looking for the seats on the wrong row becoming extraneous to the situation.

During the interval I went to the lavatory. On the mirror I saw myself wearing T-shirt inside out.

The time traveler

Faster than the light, he travels in three different dimensional planes. The machine which takes him into three different worlds is called Mind and is powered by thoughts. He travels time. Present is his launch pad; Past and Future are his landing zones.


He lived in New York but had never dreamed of going to Broadway. In fact, he did not know Off-Broadway existed. He never dreamed of becoming an actor. Actually he had no dream. He worked in a store owned by an Indian.

One day his owner who had no interest in theatre gave him a ticket. He was so much amused by the grandeur that he wished if he could actually live and work in Broadway. But luckily he found a job. He swept the floor, fixed the cyclorama, fetched tea during the rehearsals, and also was a curtain raiser.

Now he is burnishing a dream to go to New York Film Academy.


His mother was 16-years-old lanky girl, living with her distant aunt. In a prom night, her friend gave her something to smoke. The effect was so soothing that over the days she began tasting it more often.

Under the influence of drug she could not abstain and she did not know about contraceptives. Couple of weeks later when she stopped bleeding, she did not know something was happening inside. She thought she was gaining weight. But one day when she knew by her instinct, she started crying. She shared her problem with her boyfriend. But the very next day he disappeared.

When her aunt found out, she threw the girl out of her home. She gave birth to her child in an abandoned outhouse. The child suckled her breast but the mother was so malnourished that there was no drop of milk.


Television stations were covering a birth of a child. Two times Academy Award winner actor will be expecting a son in few minutes. His manager was entertaining a call from the Vogue to click his baby’s pictures for ten million dollars.

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  1. Running out of time was funny, while time traveler makes me think about the struggle a person has to go through in order to become successful

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